The Drone, that can do a lot lot more!

The Alta UAV from Freefly Systems!

This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is in a class of its own!

This drone is a little bigger than most drones in the market. It boasts of some very cook features:

  • Loads of upto 15lbs. You can carry most Heavy duty cameras. Making it a breeze to load heavy pro cameras.
  • A very good quick release system to mount cameras easily either above or below the drone
  • When ready to pack up, the ALTA folds to half its size and is a breeze when it’s time to “Pack Up”
  • Eight Rotors and a lot of stability give the ability to mount a camera ABOVE the drone. A new Horizon thus opens up.
  • It is very easy to Unpack, open up and Boot it up. It can be ready to fly in just a few minutes

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